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About Viswadarshan

VISWADARSHAN MEDIA CENTRE was established in the year 1986 as the Quilon diocesan communication centre. Since then, this organization is engaged in various efforts to spread the good news of the kingdom of God through available means of communication. Viswadarshan media centre is registered under the Travancore-Cochin literary, scientific charitable societies’ act of 1955 (Q 511/96). The society is managed by a governing board.
Over the years, Viswadarshan maintained a gypsy model existence having no permanent locale for establishing itself. Instead of institutionalizing the emphasis leaned towards field activities, always shifting from place to place as needs demanded. It did not engage itself in big glamorous news-catching spectacular events but restricted to very modest activities, to do little things in little ways with an ambitious vision closely inspired by evangelical imperatives. However, the efforts have yielded rich dividends in many respects chiefly in the number of people that have been influenced by these activities. Viswadarshan is indebted to well known personalities like M.F Thomas, James Joseph, K.G. George, Harikumar, Shaji.N.Karun and to other lesser known but equally competent media experts who have associated with Viswadarshan in its many activities. There are several media professionals who were introduced to the field by Viswadarshan.

Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman


Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman is the Bishop of Quilon which is the oldest diocese in India having been erected in the year 1329.

Contact: Bishop’s House,
Contact No: 0474-2796140

Fr. Ferdinand Peter


Director of Radio Viswadarshan and Bishop Benziger Hospital

Contact: Bishop Benziger Hospital,
Beach road,
Contact 0474- 2763477, 0474-2768201.

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